Carbon Hookah
UgleRoad IL Primo
Inspired by motosport, made for pleasure

We present a unique handwork product.
Today there are no analogues of carbon production quality on the Russian hookah market.⠀
For those who value true exclusive hookahs.
Our Production
More than 400 hours of painstaking handwork by masters to produce carbon parts of the hookah – high-tech composite material. We use only carbon fiber without addition of cheaper materials.
Aesthetics both outside and inside. We thoroughly process all surfaces and seams of the product, even hidden from view. We can lose about 30% of the carbon fiber due to the production process difficulties.
You can assemble your individual hookah as a constructor:
– choose your vase (carbon/borosilicate glass);
– choose metal (titanium/brass/steel);
– Choose the perfect carbon fiber type.
UgleRoad IL Primo
Create Your Own "Supercar" Among Hookahs
Metal parts
IL Primo Versions:
  1. Steel for classic lovers.
  2. Titanium is the most unusual and the lightest version.
  3. Brass is a tribute to traditions combined with the modern technologies.
      1. Basic IL Primo version goes with Egaglas borosilicate glass vase that is able to withstand 720 degrees Celsius.
      2. Instead of glass vase it`s possible to purchase carbon vase (weight 500 g). All of the carbon vases are available separately.
      What you get
      - Borosilicate vase with carbon smoke column
      - Molasses catcher
      - Removable diffusor
      - Two carbon mouthpieces Stick & Spike
      - Soft touch hose
      - Hose adaptor
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